Applications are now open for 2021 events


Where we shop can say a lot about who we are and our sense of style, but our destination also needs to be a fun place to go, offering attractive, good merchandise.  The Keep it Local team are committed to providing a shopping experience which is all this and more besides.  We therefore only allow the best of locally hand made products at our Craft Shows; traders are not allowed. The Knockholt Farmer's Market Market is now run by Annabelle Padfield.


We define "local" as being from Kent, Surrey, Sussex and perhaps spilling over into south London and we make every effort to prevent clashes of product at our events.  To achieve this goal, our primary focus is on selecting an excellent range of crafters. Visitors are not charged an entry fee unless the craft show is part of a larger event.


If you want a fun day out, an unpressurised stroll to see high quality, good value and a HUGE variety of locally made and produced goods - give the Keep it Local events a try!  You won't see any "tat"!