Visitor information for Coolings Nurseries, Knockholt

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Award-winning Coolings Nurseries, Knockholt are one of the leading nurseries in the South-East of England.  They have literally thousands of plants on display, all of the highest quality.  Arthur's Coffee Shop is a popular meeting place....and well deserved's food is second to none!

All of the above makes Coolings an ideal venue for the stunning workmanship on display at the Keep it Local Craft Shows held on a quarterly basis there.  This is our flagship location with always at least 60 stalls, at Christmas we have up to 100! Glass 6 is a light and spacious venue where (completely free of charge), you can browse to your heart's content. Our June event will be held in Arthur's Garden because it will be too hot in the glasshouse then.  No hassle, no parking fee, no entrance fee and the most delicious food just a stone's throw away in Arthur's! Oops!  I forgot!  No stones in glasshouses!


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